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January 1, 2013
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Thorn Profile Sheet by AskTheExile Thorn Profile Sheet by AskTheExile
(( So for those of you who already know of Thorn from my other account, you can see she's change quite a bit from this [link] and this [link] but I've finally found a design I like for her and that's what you see here. I think my problem was that I just must not have liked the purple palette :I Wasn't working for me. So here is the new and many times improved Thorn! Her info has only been tweaked just a bit and is kind of the same from the previous profiles I had for her so you can skip over it if you want X3 The main and important stuff is pretty much on the sheet ))

Name: Thorn

Age: 22

Height: 5' 8"

Race: Nature Elemental

Personality: A bit rough around the edges, even sometimes being a bit abrasive and defensive but she'll eventually mellow out once she starts to warm up more towards a person. She's not the type who's afraid to say what's on her mind, in fact, she might be a little too truthful at times but she tries to tone it back a bit from ever coming off as being offensive.

Abilities: She can communicate to a special type of poisonous thorny vine and can use them to do various things for her. Though most of the time the vines have a mind of their own and may or may not actually do what she asked. Even with them being unruly at times, the vines are extremely protective of her and will do anything to keep her safe. By placing a seed onto the one of the marks on her hands, she can instantly cause the vines to grow in a matter of seconds. She can also summon her vines by giving out a loud whistle and they'll travel quickly to her by swiftly tunneling under the ground.

Weaknesses: With the fact that she keeps her gloves on most of the time to keep from accidentally poisoning anything this can be a real disadvantage in case of an emergency. In order to grow her vines from a seed it has to be touching the mark on her hand, which can be a bit inconvenient if she needs the help of the vines immediately. Also, with her being exiled and not receiving the full training that most of the nature elementals get, her powers can at times be a bit........ unpredictable. That's why she has a rather tough time with controlling the vines and getting them to do things when she wants them to and not just when they feel like it. Her biggest problem, however, is that whenever she feels extremely threatened or even when becoming extremely angry her powers are taken to a whole new and rather dangerous level. Never having learned how to control that much power it quickly takes over her, putting her into a trance like state and she, along with her vines, become a rampaging and deadly force if not snapped out of it quickly.

Background: In the deepest, most untouched part of the forest lies a small hidden away village of Nature Elementals. Each of these beings have their own ability in controlling the nature around them and the plant life that the individual specializes in is marked upon them in the form of a birthmarks. Those with marks resembling certain flowers can conjure up those certain flowers, those with marks resembling trees or herbs can call forth that plant life and so on. Though on one fateful day, a baby girl was born with some rather markings. It wasn't a mark depicting a flower, an herb or even a tree. Upon the baby girl's face, hands and back were markings made up of nothing but jagged spikes. It was a bit shocking at first, but the girl's parents thought of it as nothing unusual and she was then given the name Thorn.

When growing up, all the other ones kids she grew up around had the ability to create flowers and trees. Thorn though had a different ability. She could create thorny vines that she could control at will. This wasn't thought of as anything too terribly spectacular and so her ability was just viewed as something simple compared to other's abilities to create vibrant and lush plants. Eventually, however, she found out that she also harbored another strange ability. In fact, it was something that caused a bit of alarm through the small village. Thorn found out that whenever she touched the other plant life around her, the plant she came in contact with would gradually whither and die. It was unintentional of course and she made sure she was extremely careful with having such an ability. Still, knowing what she was capable of was definitely not looked highly upon by many. She was thought of as a threat, a reject and many would avoid her at all costs. Even with most of the people in the town fearful of being around her, she somehow managed to make two friends who didn't treat her like the others. Those two friends in turn literally became her only friends for many years.

As time passed, she grew to not care much about what others thought of her. She couldn't change who she was and even if she could she wouldn't. Her abilities might be unusual but she wasn't ashamed of them even when others felt that she should be. With the rest of the elementals rejecting her, she still found a happy life just being with her parents who loved her unconditionally and her two close friends that were always there for her. Unfortunately though, her world quickly came crashing down when she was accused of a terrible crime that befell the town. With the council finding her guilty despite her claims that she was innocent of the act, a bright red bangle was clasped around her arm and she was immediately banished from ever returning. Despite what most might have thought her reaction to such an event should be, she actually saw being an exile as kind of a good thing. She hated having to leave her friends and family of course, but this was actually a wonderful excuse to finally leave the place where so many people despised her anyways and see what else was out there. Ooo is a big place and now with the chance to find out what lies beyond the borders of the forest, she plans to explore and experience everything that she can.

Extra Info:

- Her blood is actually a light green color and is also very poisonous.
- She gains the ability of communicating with her vines from her parents who also control different type of vines but she gains her poisonous side from her mother.
- Due to a certain event when she was little, she's quite afraid of the dark...... or rather the things that may be lurking in the dark
- The necklace she wears around her neck is very special to her and was given to her by her father. From her bit of phobia of the dark, her father found a special crystal that gives off a soft glow at night to help her not feel so afraid.
- If she pours the antitoxin that counteracts her own poison onto her hands, it'll temporarily nullify the poisonous effects and whatever she touches receives the antitoxin instead of poison, which is a quick way to administer the antitoxin for dire emergencies. This method however will leave severe burns on her hands so she doesn't do this except in extreme situations that have no other alternative.
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BenjaminHopkins Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Student Digital Artist
What are the effects of the poison on animals?
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Kevlron: Something's really been bugging me. Since you're a Nature Elemental, would being a Vegetarian, or a Vegan, be considered Cannibalism?
Sensuen Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
She's pretty in her own way.
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So much thought put into this! :iconimsotiredplz:
AskTheExile Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
(( Hee, thank you. >u< And yeah, I put quite a lot of thought into her......... probably way too much thought that a normal person should put into a fictional character XD ))
Sketchy-Wretch Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
((I got so much stuff for Carl and Maia in my head that it can fill a webster dictionary! But you beat me by fifteen Harry Potter books xP
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(( wow I really like this character, perhaps her and Kazaa may have an encounter someday ))
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AskTheExile Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
(( Oh gosh I still miss Cactino Bantino! You need to bring him back, he was a lot of fun ;u; ))
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